Version trouble for classical music

Is there a way to disable the ‘version’ feature in Roon? I have many recordings of the same classical compositions, often played by the same musicians. In order to see which recordings I have of e.g. Bruckner’s 4th Symphony, I now have to manually ‘remove duplicates’ that are not duplicates at all.
For example of the aforementioned Bruckner Symphony I have 27 different recordings, 6 of which are with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, but with different conductors. One of them, Bernard Haitink has also recorded it with 2 other orchestras. Roon now makes a mess of this, listing only 16 recordings of this composition. Once I am done removing duplicates and check one day later Roon seems to have discovered new ‘duplicates’ and I have to locate and remove them. Very tiresome and frustrating business…

… just found the solution by browsing this forum: settings - general - show hidden tracks (switching to yes) does the trick! Might have been clearer from settings description; the word version is completely absent, even when clicking the question mark…

Is it not maybe a clash of Album Name and performer

I had the same issue with Beethoven: Piano Sonatas - Wilhelm Kempff

One 50s mono the other 60s stereo , but same album name and artist. I just couldn’t find the mono one until I cottoned on.

Maybe @support could explain how Gruping by version works


Hey @Marcel_van_Tilburg,

I had a chat with the team today about your report and wanted to reach out. First, I’m glad things seem to be going okay for you now that you have shown hidden tracks/albums.

We’ve recently made some changes that will greatly improve this type of behavior, and it is currently in testing. I don’t have an exact timeframe for when these changes will become available, but it is something we are looking to improve in the future.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Thank you very much, @dylan! Even if I know how to handle this now, it could still be improved, so I am very much looking forward to the changes. Keep up the good work!