Versions issue with tidal

Playing about tonight and thought I’d test my new MQA settings. Played some of presence by led Zeppelin.

Went to versions tab and when I’m in there it tells me I only have one library version which is the tidal copy, no mention of my alac copy.

If I try and search for presence by name, again I’m only presented with the tidal version.

I can only find my alac copy if I go to albums and filter by led Zeppelin, at which point I can finally see the slightly differently named versions (mine is just called presence, the tidal one has “2015 remaster” after it).

What’s odd is that if I look inside my copy, it offers the 2015 remaster from tidal as an alternative!

I could overlook the issue if typing in presence to the search box showed me the two different names, but it doesn’t, it refuses to show my copy and only displays the tidal one.

All very odd behaviour

Removing the album from my tidal favourites also fixes it of course.

Sounds like the ALAC version is treated as a different release. You can confirm this from the album browser. Are there two covers for this album? If so, select both sand under Edit select Group Alternate Versions.

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Ideal thank you!

It’s odd though that roon knew the tidal version was an alternative to mine. But not that mine was an alternative to tidal. But your solution sorted it, thank you

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