Versions of a Song

In 1.7 it worked as follows: When I have a song XYZ and the composer ABC listed as a composition, I could see the albums with this particular song in the list of versions. For example one live Version on another album, but also the other versions on the same album. Depending on the settings whether different versions of the same album are showing or not, it varied in the the number of different entries.

In 1.8 this has been removed, so different versions of the same album are not counting for this, regardless of the versions setting in roon.

In my eyes this is not working correctly as it also filters different versions of the song XYZ which can often be found on extended or deluxe albums. Like a single version, etc.

Is there any setting that brings back the 1.7 behaviour?

1.8 build 778 did not fix this, can someone from the roon team please provide me an answer?