Versions, there inclusion in Daily Mixes and the Version display

There are a number of issues with versions, not least how they are selected for inclusion in Roon playlists and Daily Mixes. As a Jazz fan often most interested in 50’s and 60’s releases, there are literally dozens of rip off poor copies out there from labels like Reborn and many others. The sole aim seems to be to release as much poor quality remastered royalty free music as possible to streaming services in the hope they will get a few pence per stream. Roon does itself no favours when the algorithm that chooses radio play, daily mixes and so on doesn’t notice these labels or doesn’t distinguish them from the actual label on which the material was originally released.

Sometimes the difference in quality is extreme and ruins an otherwise great mix… isnt there some way the AI could be trained to favour major labels and downgrade the often numerous poor copies on unknown labels.

Secondly, the ‘versions’ display has so little information on it I’m not sure it has a great deal of value right now, however, if it included the label (for the same reasons as above) and the release date it would be very helpful in finding the version required from the sometimes dozens available on a streaming service.

Just my tuppence worth on fine tuning Roon to be even more what the jazz fan might require… :blush: