Vertical scroll bars not working [Ticket in]

Roon Core Machine

i7, 16GB ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet Cat 6, Netgear GS108

Connected Audio Devices

SoTM SMS-200 → USB → Gustard x16, Eximus DP1
RJ45 → Mark Levinson 5051

Library Size

300,000 tracks

Description of Issue

On many screens the scroll bar on the right does not work properly. A typical use case is browsing albums.

  1. I can initially scroll down to an album.

  1. But if I click on the album and then arrow back to the album browser page

  1. I am taken back to the same place in the album browser that I left but now the scroll bar does not work and I cannot continue scrolling:

  1. Instead I have to click on “Sorted by artist”. Roon re-sorts my albums and takes me to the top of the view and I have to restart scrolling again from the beginning from there:

I can confirm this behaviour.

Additionally: Once broken, using the up / down arrow keys also do not scroll the screen. However, if I rotate my mouse wheel (Logi MX Master 3) the screen will scroll and then after than the other two scrolling methods function again.

Thanks for the report, @Tony_Casey. I can reproduce. I’ve submitted a ticket to the team to look into this.


Thanks for taking a look Dylan.