Vertical scrolling [Done in Roon 1.8]

It’s inconsistent now as on the iphone scrolling is vertical… :grinning: People should have the choice


A simple +1 for me. I hate the current sideways scrolling.


As the 100th reply to this topic that I originally created in May 2015, I thought that it might be fitting to say…I think I’ll stick with the horizontal scrolling! :smiley: Just got used to it now and don’t think I would switch to vertical any more. I like the distinction between horizontal scrolling when selecting an artist or album, and vertical scrolling when looking through an artists’ page. Though it should still be a selectable option :smiley: :smiley:


+1 for an option to choose


I voted for the option to choose a while ago, then got used to the horizontal scrolling, now I wouldn’t have it any other way.


It’s still inconsistent with other parts of the UI though. That’s my main beef.

But yeah, after a year of use, you’re going to get used to it. If only the same could be said for the queue beahviour. :smiley:


We all get a bit of OCD… :wink:

Hoping for some diagonal scrolling so I can complete the set.


Still waiting for (at least the option for) vertical scrolling. I HATE horizontal scrolling…totally stupid, as everything else we do on the computer scrolls vertically (sorry Soolos). The poster who said it’s counter intuitive is spot on. It’s annoying. C’mon ROON get it together.

Totally agree with regard to needing vertical scrolling. What makes it even more annoying is the different scrolling methods depending on what remote is used. For example, the mobile Android app uses vertical scrolling but the tablet app uses horizontal scrolling. Sometimes when switching switching between devices I forget which method I’m supposed to use…

In addition to vertical scrolling, it would be nice to just have a scrollbar approach, and not a page approach (if that makes sense?). The current page approach gives me motion sickness lol.

So basically like the iTunes album browser.

There is a scrollbar. I use it all the time to zip along the alphabet area that i want.

Have you tried it ? Maybe need to enable alpha navigation in the menu if you don’t see it.

No, it is not so as M_J and myself like it to have

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+1 for M_J. It makes me sometimes sick, too :frowning:

Vertical scroll option, please! :pray:


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For me an 1-item instead of the 1-page scrolling is what I’m waiting for.
At the moment an 1-item scrolling is possible, but with a touch-screen only. With a mouse or a touch-pad I see the paging only (Windows), which I don’t like. If vertikal, horizontal or both … it would be nice to have a choice, too.

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As a new user this is a difficult transition. Really unable to get comfortable with left to right and doubt I will.
Is this something that might change or be user selectable?

Thanks -

Others found the same, give it time and see if you get used to it, right now I am sure if feels different and maybe a little awkward.


Russ - I guess, but too many other services are vertical so although I love Roon’s uniqueness in many areas, this - maybe - doesn’t need to be one of them. Everything swipes or scrolls vertically and Roon is only one app, of many, we all use all day long. So I’d rather not have to think about element. Would think this should be an easy option to create.


Absolutely, it is a personal choice.