Vertical scrolling [Done in Roon 1.8]

And as a software developer, is there a more lofty goal than that?


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Lack of vertical scrolling and iPad portrait mode are the main reasons I paid for a year, not a lifetime. They are daily nuisances. If Roon fixes them (and add a more IOS functionality) I’ll gladly pay for a lifetime subscription.

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+1, would love to be able to choose between horizontal and vertical scrolling.


+1 for Vertical Scrolling. It is ergonomically right thing to do.

If one is using iPad/tablet, it’s ergonomically easier to move fingers up-down than side ways.


Next major UI release is going to primarily vertical scrolled, with full functionality on phones.

I can’t give any schedules or details, but I’m positive all of you will be happy with the result.

This new UI is as far from current Roon as Roon 1.0 was from iTunes!


Is that going to be user select-able? I actually prefer how it is now to vertical scrolling.

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The question doesn’t really make sense in the new ui. The grid of covers is the most boring view in my opinion, and only a minor part of the next generation UI.


Exciting… Roon 2.0?

When should I start the “I preferred Roon 1.3 thread” ?



There’s always one… :cry:

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Excellent! It all sounds very exciting. Very good news :slight_smile:

Hmm. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve been able to play with the new UI, but sometimes boring can be familiar and comfortable (he said, pulling his dressing gown tighter)


It’s been shown that it’s very healthy (for our brains) to step out of our comfort zones and learn new things. It literally keeps us alive longer, allegedly. So, what’s not to like! :laughing:

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Not all new things have the same value (he said, thinking about the latest incumbent in a certain public office :open_mouth: ). As I say, I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve played with it.


As long as Change is Constant … Love you guys!

I love change but I imagine there will be a small uproar from those that don’t.

How about a compromise? Diagonal scrolling…


This sounds really great; looking forward to seeing the changes. The countdown begins! :smiley:

Let’s not even even joke about this. If this forum gets into all the are we there yet, when’s it coming, you promised and it’s not here stuff as has happened before Danny will go back to not sharing anything about what is going on.