Vertical scrolling [Done in Roon 1.8]

My request, vertical scrolling similar to IOS contacts app. Visible A-Z partition bars with a quick jump A-Z index control. But for phone Roon app, ensure the A-Z index jumper control is bigger than Contacts app so you can reliability click the intended letter to jump to (i.e. Contacts A-Z index control is too small).

Also, smaller icons in the vertical based lists. Look to Auralic Lighting DS for great examples of use of smaller icons for artist, album, track lists. Also, their implementation of ‘My music’ has the IOS contacts vertical browsing with A-Z index jumping.

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Great news! I hope portrait mode for iPad is on the roadmap too…

Pleas make a vertikal scrolling for Album…

Its not so modern horizontal everybody have vertical scrolling.

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“Vertical scrolling [On Roadmap]”…from May 2015. It’s now halfway through 2018 and a major release is just out (1.5), and STILL no vertical scrolling. Really tired of dealing with the horizontal scrolling nightmare. What’s it going to take ?

Not quite:

  • Topic creation date: May 15th 2015
  • “On Roadmap” annotation added: July 22nd 2017

So about 9 months ago. I know vertical scrolling is part of a much more ambitious GI overhaul.

  • A huge amount of time, effort and money from Roon.
  • When will it be available, don’t know Roon don’t release that information.

Roon to scroll vertically as a normal web page

@Mike_O_Neill, I’ve moved your post into the existing topic.

same here
Very important for usability!

I would prefer vertical scrolling (or choice). Second to that would be horizontal scrolling, not paging. It is the paging that is awkward going sideways on the longer dimension. Scrolling would make that easier at least.

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For a tablet it doesn’t matter.

But on a PC/MAC its really uncomfortable because you cannot just scroll through your artist with your mouse wheel. Like with normal documents / websites

I use a trackpad which works just fine.


Hi @Ian_Gillan,

Could you clarify what you’re requesting for.

  • Roon’s browsers to vertically scroll rather than horizontal scrolling
  • To be able to control Roon’s horizontal scrolling using the vertical mouse wheel?

Many thanks.

Hey Carl,

I simply mean that if you use Roon App on MAC / PC you cannot scroll through your artist or album list like with a website or a word document. Just scroll with the mouse wheel and the list moves vertically.

Like Auralics Lightning App show on the pic here

Understood, I’ve moved your posts into this existing topic, so all the requests are together.

I came back to this old thread, and made an observation about my recent habits.

When reading a document that’s in pdf format (in my iPad because why would I use a PC for reading) I typically transfer the document to iBooks, because it has a better behavior than either Safari or Acrobat, better understanding of the page layout. If the document is laid out in page boundaries, why would I want vertical scrolling that ignores those boundaries?

But more interesting: I have found that when I’m reading regular web stuff, or newspapers or magazines that scroll vertically within each article, for longer or more important articles I often send them to iBooks too. Safari converts it to a pdf with reasonable page boundaries, and removing ads and navigational chrome. This was not any kind of principled move, I just found it more convenient when reading.

Granted, reading is not the same as navigating a control user interface like Roon, which has a much more lively navigational path. I just thought it was interesting.


You can get vertical scrolling if you rotate your display 90 degrees😏

vertical paging you mean

Or your head :smiley:

On a tablet, my main remote, horizontal pages have a more convenient feel to me. It’s more like flipping through a book or a magazine.
So, Roon, if you change anything in the scrolling behaviour, PLEASE make it an option. Not like some other changes in the past, that pleases a few loud shouting people, but made it worse for many others,