Vertical scrolling [Done in Roon 1.8]

I see posts dating back to 2015 but I don’t see any from support about fixing this problem.
The horizontal scrolling is just awful, so counter-intuitive and makes the scroll wheel just about totally ineffective. I’ve put my mouse settings on the lowest possible but it’s almost impossible to scroll just one page at a time. It’s also so illogical. Just about every other type of software scrolls vertically when browsing, so why an option to do this is not in Roon I don’t really understand. It’s not a particularly difficult fix.
I’m currently on a 60 day trial of Roon and so far very impressed, despite the vastly over-inflated price tag. However, if there’s no option to choose vertical scrolling on the Roadmap, then this is probably the deal breaker for me.

I could never get used to the horizontal scrolling, nor would I want too. Please fix this. soon.


To fix something, it has to be broken.
Horizontal scrolling is nothing broken, it’s a design decision. Like flipping through a booklet. And with a touchscreen device as remote it is a more natural way to swip left and right (like a book) as up and down.
It is your right to not like it, but please also respect, that other people like it as it is.


A choice would be a good thing. BTW completely changing the way a UI works isn’t really, easy to do , when that includes multiple OS, resolutions etc.

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Most tablet Apps I use, don‘t behave like a book and even iBooks let me choose how I can flip my pages.

You‘re right, it‘s a design decision. Also which tools roon labs have chosen was a decision, maybe not the best, when changing that behaviour is complicated.

I also don‘t like the horizontal scrolling, but it‘s not a deal breaker for me. Furthermore I hope they are so quiet here because they work hard on the mobile sync. :wink:

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I 2nd that! :slight_smile:

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Really disappointed that 1.6 did not contain either vertical scrolling or mobile sync/streaming… This thread has been going since 2015…

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I would also use vertical scrolling if it was mplemented.

Vertical scrolling is the hoverboards of Roon.

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Roon Labs has added some really nice enhancements to 1.5 and 1.6. Maybe version 1.7 will finally bring a vertical scrolling option with A-Z quick links and visible partition bars similar to the iPhone IOS Contacts app. Just adding my 2 cents once again as another major release is released without it. In the meantime, we all know QOBUZ was a must and the enhanced Roon Radio is fantastic!


I really want to scroll my album’s vertically. An option to scroll vertical or horizontal l would be great

I am not to much of an album browser but I for one would really really like to be able to browse artists in a vertical layout. Don’t need artist pictures neither, just a list of names is sufficient for me to quickly play some forgotten tunes.

At least the iPhone app has vertical scrolling of artists and albums. I would like to see that added to the iPad and computer (e.g. laptop) apps as well as an option. Horizontal scrolling could remain the default for users who got used to this non-intuitive interface. I agree the vertical scrolling interface should look similar to the iOS contacts app.

Why do you use Roon? There are a lot of music apps with such a simple interface.
I use Roon, because I want more.

I like everything about Roon except for the horizontal scrolling in the artist browser and album browser. Considering the creation date and number of responses in this thread, many other folks are just asking for both options to be available (horizontal and vertical) and let the user configure their preference.

I guess if I was from the Tinder generation, I would be used to ‘swiping’ instead of ‘scrolling’ :slight_smile: And then I won’t care if Roon added vertical based browsing.

Which simple App can control Roon?

The swipe right/left paradigm is great for a tablet, but for a laptop it’s not an effective approach. Would it be possible to set up your Mac/Windows software to scroll up and down - as you’ve already done for iPhones? It would be more intuitive and easier to use.

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This is a super long wait for that big UI change! It’s going to be 5D, VR and mind controlled at this rate :smiley:

In all seriousness, I am hoping that Roon will step up to the mark in terms of the UI improvements, in particular regarding album organising capabilities and artwork improvements.


This thread is now four years old… Happy Anniversary!