Vertical scrolling [Done in Roon 1.8]

Yes, there are many places where content scrolls vertically…

The album browser horizontal paging is still standard in 1.7

The inconsistency has always driven me nuts… Lifetime user, going on three years…

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On a tablet horizontal is imho a more natural way to go through the content. Like flipping through a book.

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So how does that reconcile with all the parts that scroll vertically?

It’s ridiculous.


Maybe on Android. On iOS that’s not natural, as most Apps don’t work like a book or have options to change the scrolling/flipping.

One reason my wife won’t use ROON is because of horizontal scrolling. At least she will use audrivana with vertical scrolling like her go to iTunes and is resistant to change. Says horizontal scrolling makes it too hard to browse. Personally I can see the logic for tablets but not PC’s.

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I put this somewhere else, but it fits here too.

The difference is my wife is not scanning a CD shelf but a computer program. iTunes has been the default program for years and it is vertical scrolling. She is used to it and does not see why she has to use a program that has something she doesn’t like re something she knows. I agree.

Let’s not overstate the issue. Horizontal scrolling may be many things, but “too hard” to use is not one of them. Inconvenient? Sure. Inconsistent? Okay. Bothersome? Fine. But “too hard”? Give me a break.

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The issue now isn’t that Roon has made a UI decision that some people don’t agree with, but that the interface isn’t consistent, which is a different issue than the one initially triggering this thread years ago.

Originally, all of the menus scrolled horizontally (I’ve been here a while). Some users didn’t like it, but it was consistent across the interface, so once you got used to it, you were (begrudgingly perhaps) good to go.

Now we have this mix of both, perhaps because shifting the UI is happening slowly, on a screen by screen basis, rather than all at once (vertical scrolling is, after all, [On Roadmap]).

The new “Releases For You” section is a good example, as it’s one of the few sections that vertically scroll in an array of horizontal screens on the Overview page.

These UI changes have been an ongoing process since the death of the pawmasher interface. The longer it takes, the more apt the interface is going to feel like Frankenstein’s monster to new users who haven’t been around to acclimatize to the small iterations of each new version.

Here’s a great article on why consistency in UI can help eliminate confusion and reduce the learning curve when interacting with software:

I’m hopeful there is an end-in-mind on the horizon, and given the recent behaviour of the new screens, that it’s consistently vertical.


The physical act of horizontal scrolling certainly is inconvenient, inconsistent and bothersome but is hard with a mouse wheel although possible with an Apple magic mouse, still not how finger joints work. Putting aside semantics if it stops one user from using the program then there is a problem, especially with the shift towards subscription payment model.


I am sorry, but your wife is a complete outlier. If you made a product for outliers hardly anyone would like because you would end up with a camel. So, you are wrong about what stops even one user from using a program doing a problem.

Plus, my mouse scroll wheel does horizontal scrolling with vertical wheel rolling.

So, I guess you have only one shelf surrounding your house?

Have patience, only 5 years passed since this was requested. At this pace by the time when will be implemented (if) scrolling (vertical, horizontal, diagonal or whatever) will be obsolete…


Not one shelf but but many shelves in a case. Before I ripped and archived my CD’s I remember scrolling across then down to the next shelf. How wait a minute that’s vertical scrolling. I’ll be damned.


Yes, I, ahem, posted this request in May 2015. Since then however, I have gotten used to it and probably prefer horizontal to vertical scrolling. I don’t see the discrepancy between albums scrolling horizontally and the tracks vertically as being an issue either; they’re two separate parts of the interface.

Now, there are some other more important requests that I have been posting about since before 2015 that do still require to be sorted… :smiley:


ROON is the outlier when it comes to vertical scrolling. The most used music player on the planet iTunes is not horizontal. My other go to player audrivana is not horizontal scrolling. I do not know of any other player that only horizontally scrolls but stand to be corrected.

Having a closer look the other issue with horizontal scrolling in ROON is that it does it by rigid pages unlike the smooth vertical scrolling exhibited in new releases for you.

On my iMac 27" I have 5 pages in my library whilst on my macbook 13" this balloons to 16. Difficult to decide between what’s on one page and what’s on another. Not so difficult vertical scrolling with audrivana.

Unlike my wife who has to be dragged screaming with new technology 1.7 has become my go to player. I’ll put up with horizontal scrolling to enjoy all the bells and whistles now that the sound quality is not a poor cousin to audrivana. Now that is for another thread.

If you search for albums, Roon also allows vertical scrolling. That’s what I name consistency. :stuck_out_tongue:

Roon should hire a pure iOS Developer like the one of the great App Marvis Pro. He knows how to write high performance Apps for iOS which handles 50000 tracks without hassle.

And maybe Roon could open its API to let native third party developers fill the gaps. And so there is no problem for users who want the same limited interface on all platforms, they just use the stock Roon Remote. Users who like perfectly integrated Apps with different UIs for different platforms can choose a third party app.

It’s always driving me nuts, that just skipping a song or changing the volume can take up to 10 seconds on my iPhone. Most times when the phone rings it’s faster to walk to my NUC and turn Roon of to stop the playback.


Absolutely to the point!! @support any info?

Come on, this cannot be that hard to do.

:rofl: Just a ‘simple’ complete redesign and implementation of the UI :rofl: