Vertical scrolling [Done in Roon 1.8]

I use some other programs, too. And I still miss the vertical scrolling in roon

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[quote=“extracampine, post:52, topic:821, full:true”]For example, on an artist’s page, you could scroll down from the pic & bio to see albums, singles & EPs, compilations, bootlegs etc (as will hopefully be implemented in the near future), and when you find the section you want (e.g. albums), you could scroll sideways on that section to browse, thus staying on the main artist’s page, for more consistency. Just an idea.

I hope they do not ever do anything like that, i’m sorry but that would just be an awful browsing experience in my opinion.
What you are suggesting means that if you have more than 1 “row” of a specific artists album, you would need to scroll horizontally to see the rest. Absolutely terrible idea compared to the current layout of albums being stacked in multiple rows.

I may be the odd one in this thread but I absolutely love the horizontal scrolling. To me it makes sense when it is used for browsing large lists.

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options are always good…


Hi @philr, re differences between different platforms. I didn’t mean to indicate that I had found any, I was merely voicing my opinion on some suggestions further up the thread to have different behaviours depending on platform, which to my mind would not be the right approach.

I’m using the iPad version mainly and don’t notice any scroll bars anywhere. Primarily, vertical scrolling is the generally expected behaviour. I don’t have a problem with horiz (but prefer vert) as long as it’s cued up to the user and consistent. For example. The overview page, latest additions to library. You cannot scroll this but it looks very similar to areas of the screen that you can horiz scroll. Then when you click view all you can scroll horiz. I’m assuming that memory and speed of loading stopped scrolling by default on the initial page load but it had me fooled as I swiped at it to try to get it to scroll…lazy loading might be an answer here.

Or, perhaps, thinking a little out of the box…the page might predict what the user would be interested in and prioritise loading of that. For instance if the user had just imported 50 albums, we could assume that latest imports would be a priority…it’d need some user testing though :wink:

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Yes, please have option for vertical scroll for albums and artists on a PC.


Yes…totally needed !!! Horizontal scroll (for a traditional PC) is counter intuitive and extremely annoying !!!
We need a choice here !


It’s a pity, but Roon doesn’t support Windows OS scrolling at the moment. Windows supports vertical and (!) horizontal scrolling for the mouse and touchpad, etc…And Roon ignores it and supports only the horizontal scrolling (mouse, touchpad, scroll buttons) for both horizontal and vertical scrolling commands with the mouse scroll rad, touchpad moves or the scroll buttons. I have a hope that it change one day.


Frankly, horizontal scrolling is a huge pain for me. Even a deal breaker.
Furthermore, to see that after 4 months of multiple requests the dev team is MIA…

Not paying a yearly mmb until this is fixed. Ridiculous.

Soon team: rule of soft dev #1: use what your users know. Many of us use iTunes: VERTICAL.
Don’t make us adapt to your didkat.


Well said Jaques!

Way more than 4 months BTW.

For this who think resources should be reserved for ‘More important’ things, I say the UI is the import part of any app / software and this is just plain wrong

Cheers Robert

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+1 for vertical scrolling


+1 for not caring

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[quote=“Jacques_Racine, post:72, topic:821”]
Roon team: rule of soft dev #1: use what your users know. Many of us use iTunes: VERTICAL.Don’t make us adapt to your didkat.
[/quote]Many of us came for a Sooloos background and are quite comfortable with horizontal scrolling.
As always on forums et al, it those with a gripe that make the most noise … whilst the silent majority that are happy are well … silent.

I do endorse choice provided it does not result in a lowest common denominator and compromise the user experience. Attempting to be all things to all men leads to madness. I acknowledge that it’s Roon’s product and they ultimately decide the look, feel and functionality. It’s right and proper that we the user can make suggestion … but they are only suggestions … there is no right that they have to be acted upon.

That said, I think someone from Roon (@Mike @Danny) should comment … and either say this is on the roadmap or … sorry guys it’s our design choice and is how it is and then we would all know were we are.

Jaques, coming from a Soolos background is irrelevant to Roon’s future. The Soolos user base was and is minuscule with no growth prospects, one of the reasons Roon broke away from Meridian.

Your comment on ‘noise’ is the opposite of the reality, those who complain on forums or who bother to write, represent a huge number of users who are too lazy or busy to complain, but are likely to leave Roon or not renew their subs.

Now that Audirvana streams Qobuz and Amara Tidal is out, there is a lot more competition with lots more coming from manufacturers app like Arcam MusicLife and Naim’s Mu-so.

If Roon want to grow, attract and keep new customers, especially at these high prices they need listen to their users.


Why don’t you do a poll and see which way the vote goes then if so confident of one or the other.

+1 on not bothered.


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I think the idea with feature requests is for those who are keen for a request to comment with a like, +1, comment etc - but others adding comments like “not bothered” etc just clutters the threads and isn’t that helpful. Just my 2c - want to see the forums remain productive

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Personally, I think it is perfectly OK for people to share views that don’t agree. This is a feature request and will ultimately compete for development time. If we allow only “I agree” posts then it doesn’t reflect the balance of views needed to make a good decision.

So, when someone posts “It’s a deal breaker” it is reasonable to also read that “It doesn’t bother me”.

Just don’t get personal.


I don’t see the point of arguing which is better (personally I’m for vertical). Just give the user the option to choose either one and then everyone is happy…