Very dark interface/wrong color format(?) on Windows 10

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Windows 10 21H2, AMD 5800X, AMD 5700XT, all latest drivers

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Suddenly, out of the blue, my Roon App has become so dark it’s almost impossible to use. It’s obviously rendering either with a wrong gamma, or an incorrect RGB format, or something. Switching to light mode helps, but the album art is still very, very dark. Clearing cache does not help.

Like so:

Under Settings → Setup → Theme, do you have “Dark” selected?

Well… yes, as you can see on the screenshot. Switching to light doesn’t help, as the album art is still way too dark, and the colors of the interface are still not correct.

Here’s an example:

on the left you have a correctly displayed album art, on the right you have Roon.

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Hi @Wojtek_Iwan,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

I’d like to enable diagnostics on your core but it looks like it’s offline. Can you please bring it online and notify me when done? I’ll be able to see if there are any interface errors.


Hi Wes,

I managed to resolve the issue today by rolling back my AMD display drivers to an older version, seems like there’s something in the new drivers that makes Roon render incorrectly. To be more specific, I went back from driver version 22.8.2 to 22.5.1, and all is well again.


@Wojtek_Iwan well I am glad your listening experience is back but it’s certainly an oddity. You might try getting the driver from AMD directly if you didn’t already. Sometimes other sources do something odd to both video and sound drivers.

Enjoy the music!



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