Very little volume when moving Roon to new computer

@support Hello. I purchased a new iMac, and when I moved my small office system from my MBP to the iMac, I have very low max volume in comparison to the old system (like less than 50% max volume). I have not changed equipment or settings. I was running a 2016 MBP on 10.15.4 public beta. I’m now on a 2019 iMac on 10.15.3. Equipment is a Meridian Explorer 2 connected via USB to iMac and outputting analog to B&W MM-1’s. Same system as before. Both MBP and iMac were setup as “Roon” and connected to a Mac Mini on my network that’s configured as Core. Plugging headphones into Explorer 2 yields low max volume as well, so I don’t think it’s the MM-1’s or their connection (also MM-1’s plugged into iPhone 11 Max Pro running Roon and plugged into Dragonfly Cobalt using same analog cable as iMac yields normal volume).

I have double checked all settings that I can think of. Any ideas? System is so quiet, it’s barely usable. Thanks.

maybe you post some screen shots of the old settings with the dac on the MacBook and some of the new settings on the iMac you will have reconnect the DAC to the different devices to take the images. also check the Macs volume settings in case that’s in play.

take screen shots with cmd shift 4 and select the area you want

Hi @Will_Pisula,

Can you share a few screenshots of the Device Setup tab for affected zones?

You can access this by going to Roon Settings -> Audio -> Cogwheel -> Device Setup

Do you by any chance have any “Volume Limits” set in Device Setup?

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