Very loud Humm when track not playing

Core Machine
Roon core - on dedicated iMac. 11.2.2. Intel core i5

  • 1.8 Build 790)

Network Details
Ethernet cat6: iMac / NAS / DigiOne

Audio Devices
Endpoint - DigiOneSignature

  • ropieeexl. 1.7 (build 571)y

Library Size
Files - Synology NAS
10,000 tracks
Main Service - Tidal

Description of Issue
When track not playing huge humm coming through speakers.
Sound of humm increases with volume.
When track starts humm disappears.
If track playing but volume on zero = no humm.

That has to be (to my mind at least) a digital issue.
Any ideas?

??? Hum is not digital, it is analog.

When does the humming stop? When you disconnect the connection between: the DigiOne and what ever comes after in your chain, your network and the DigiOne? When you disconnect the power from the DigiOne? Something else (disconnect other inputs from what comes after, disconnect network from other components)?

Hey @BlackJack, thank you for stepping in right away and asking follow up questions :pray:

Hello @Simon_Williams and thanks for sharing what you ran into. I’m sorry about the trouble. Is this still happening?

We’d love to help :nerd_face:

I’ve not been able to solve this.

I have two DACs issue only happens with one - so I cannot say that this is a Roon issue. The DAC builder believes it is, but my logic says this must be an issue with the DAC itself. I’ve had to switch to my backup DAC.

Hi @Simon_Williams,
do you have all plugs (HiFi eqiupment) in one power strip (that’s usually the best),
Can you change the DAC?
Can you temporarily disconnect the DAC from other equipment?
Do you know if you have some DC in your power network? (Solar, Windenergy,…)

Yes I can change the DAC - my backup DAC (m-DAC) works great.
All plugged into same strip.