Very LOUD POP at the end of a DSD album [Solved]

Between tracks I hear a small click, like is usual when changing tracks on any DSD album like I would get with JRiver. Some recordings it is louder than others.

My issue is that I am getting a loud POP that sounds “dangerous” when the album ends after the last track. I tried the same with JRiver and no such POP occurs,just a low click like I get between tracks.

I am using MSB Diamond IV with the Quad USB.

I just noticed this as I rarely play an album to completion but this POPPING sound at the end of an album (or track if I only play one track) sounds very ominous.


I recently had a similar problem - but not so loud. But most prominent (or so it seemed) on my DSD material. I was pulling all my music (DSD and otherwise) off an aging NAS. To my surprise, when I replaced the NAS the effects you described went away.

Where is your Roon (or RoonServer) getting the DSD material from? Local HDD? A USB drive? A NAS? If it’s not a local HDD, you might think about copying DSD files there and playing them from there to see if the problem persists. Good luck.

These pops occur when listening to SACD ISO -> DSF rips, right? see here:

My issue isn’t the mild clicks between tracks which you are right is loudest from ripped SACD but when only one track is playing and ends or the end of a DSD Album whether it be a ripped one or downloaded and then I get a very loud pop. My speakers have huge woofers and it is a scary pop.

Hello @Priaptor, thank you for the report and apologies for inconveniences, but to go further here we would like to get the examples of media files. I’ll follow up with you over PM.

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I sent them files etc so let’s see if it can be fixed. Yes it is a “nasty” pop and I agree could be damaging.

@Priaptor, we were able to reproduce the issue in-house using the media you sent, and are investigating the cause/how to fix it.

@brian we have a separate thread for @MusicEar complaint.

Great. Thanks. As always, you guys listen and act. No others like you guys.

Thanks again.


Apologies for how long it took to get to this.

I was able to reproduce using your content on an MSB Analog DAC with Quad USB. When a track ended naturally, depending on the exact length of the track, a variable amount of PCM silence (up to about 0.1 seconds) was being played to the DAC just before we shut off the audio stream.

Many DACs and USB interfaces filter out PCM silence, but this one does not. Keeps us honest.

The fix will be in the next release.

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Great thanks again. Any idea when new release is coming

This fix will be in the next release. When that will be is a natural question but since the answer includes “after stability is confirmed by testing” a firm date probably doesn’t exist. The most that can probably be said is that Brian had an expectation of a new feature release in November, and a release including this fix would be no later than than. If I were a betting man I would back another bugfix release before that new feature release, but that is rank speculation on my part.

I understand. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a maintenance release before the big one in Nov or part of the main release scheduled for Nov.

No problem. Thanks again for getting the issue tackled

We’re hoping to put a bugfix release into alpha testing before the weekend. From that point it’s usually 5-10 days before public release, depending on how many regressions/problems come up in alpha. This fix will not wait for a major release.

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Thanks again.