Very Poor scrolling on tracks layout Andorid remote [Ticket in - Roon investigating]

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Andorid remote on Pixel 4 not smooth scrolling on tracks layout using scroll bar for fast scrolling display disappears so cant see where you are.

Video here showing it

Hey CrystalGipsy,

Thank you for getting in touch with your report. I watched your video and tried to replicate on my iPhone and iPad. What I experienced was very similar. When using the tab to whip through tracks quickly the art and text weren’t able to keep up.

Album scrolling was more smooth, the album page has less text and images to deal with in comparison.

I took your report to the team and we’ve opened a ticket for your issue so the Devs can take a closer look. I can’t provide a timeline for when this will be addressed but it’s on their radar. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. :v:t2:

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Thanks Jamie. There is another issue with scroll also when you go down then up a few times you get big blocks of no images at all and it can get bigger or smaller the more you scroll. . I had another ticket in for this but got no responses on it that I can remember. If you can get the team to look at this as well as it’s related to scrolling. This as far as I know is Andorid issue.

The dodgy scrolling seems to have been fixed in latest release. Although my other issue still remains. I started another ticker for that behaviour.

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