Very sad but may have to leave roon unless this can be resolved

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

latest on win 10 area 51m laptop

every few days to a week I have to reinstall roon because on launch it hangs in a white screen …forever. I reinstall and it lasts some days.

I totally expect that this may be a windows thing but I am tired of this. Trying Audirvana now.

I hope this can be resolved because roon blew me away with what can be done with Tidal which I lived and breathed natively.

much appreciate a resolution to this.

-Lance Hussey

Lance, what is the spec and age of the machine this is happening with. And is the machine hanging (unresponsive) or just a local issue but still useable from another remote? It helps narrow the problem down so help can be better targeted. My laptop (AMD A8 remote only) occasionally white screens but the resize button fixes it.

Have you checked if there are new(er) graphics drivers available for your laptop?

From the manufacturer site not windows update.

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Maybe it’s Windows that you need to leave.

I have had what might be the same problem with a Windows 10 machine, it often occurs when Windows upgrades itself. I believe there is an issue with a particular Intel Graphics driver that upsets Roon. I can invariably fix the issue by going into Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Performance Settings > then pick either “Let Windows choose … “ or “ Adjust for best performance” such that you are flipping from whatever it is to the other one. Then OK your way out and reboot and Roon should be fine. You can flip the setting back and Roon stays OK. Fingers crossed this has worked for me since I first had Roon, but the original white screen was heart stopping.

I often find a “pending update” of windows causes blips until the PC has been restarted to apply the update . Does sound like drivers

Hi @Lance_Hussey,

Does the same issue occur if you install the 32 bit version of Roon?

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