Very slow adding to library

Hi @Luis_Cacho, hope you don’t mind me jumping onto your support ticket.

Did this ever get resolved / resolve itself?

I am seeing a similar issue lately, seem to be getting worse not better, it now takes at least 20 to 30s seconds to add an album (from Qobuz) and often takes longer, sometimes it never stops spinning.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 15.51.28

In fact it’s hard to tell how long it takes as sometimes the album is added even while the add to library icon is still spinning, often well past the minute mark. This lack of feedback makes it hard to know if your album has been added of if you should try again.

This is made even worse by the fact that when you add a track to a playlist — before you add the album to your library — you can’t like or export that track as part of the Excel playlist export (known issue/limitation I believe). But you don’t become aware of that till weeks/months later when you try and export a playlist or like a track in a playlist.

I’m not experiencing any other noticeable network issues, in Roon or elsewhere.


  • Intel NUC 8/i5
  • ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
  • Roon Core: 1.8 (814)
  • Same subnet as router / no complex networking or VLANS etc.
  • Bandwidth: 20Gb down / 2GB up (but network not congested by other services or at capacity)
  • Router: Unifi Dream Machine Pro
  • Location: UK


  • Streaming service: Qobuz
  • 1287 Artists
  • 2954 Albums
  • 28,125 Tracks


  • Mac OSX: 11.5
  • Roon remote: 1.8 (814)

Audio Analysis

  • Currently throttled, but I have also tried ‘Fast’ which doesn’t seem to have helped.

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Hi @j_a_m_i_e, does this happen with every album, or does it only happen with some? Can you reproduce this and let us know the album name, how long it takes to load, and the time you try it? After that please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service). We’ll take a look at the logs during that time frame. Thanks!

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for responding so quickly,

Annoyingly (or maybe not) I did a reboot of my Core before finding an example/test to send you and now most albums add within 10 seconds, which is fine. So now pretty much fixed.

However I am still seeing issues for a couple of albums, although not always reproducible ie. sometimes they add fine, sometime not. But this one below (Dissent) in particular seems to be problematic and (semi) reproducible (ie. more of the attempts hang than work).

I have added it earlier today without issue (and since removed it) so it does work sometimes — but trying to add it now and it just sits there spinning, while other albums now add fine (ie. ~10 seconds).

I actually get a pop-up dialog saying it has been added (see screenshot below from 17.40 GMT). But the spinner keeps spinning and when I go to my albums it’s not there.

I have uploaded my logs here
(link to logs removed)

This was the last test / attempt I made, before shutting down the Roon Core to zip up the logs.

  • Time: 17.40pm GMT
  • Album: Dissent / Moritz Von Oswald Trio
  • Qobuz (link to track on Qobuz)

Sorry this is probably the worst kind of issue to debug esp. as most albums now add OK.

If you want to close this ticket and tell me to come back when it’s clearly reproducible / happening each and every time, I won’t be offended :wink: as it seems to be working most of the time now.

But would be good to know what causes it to lock up / slow down if you can spot an issue in the logs.

Thanks again


Hi @j_a_m_i_e, thanks for sending those logs along! I took a look and I’m seeing some DNS errors when you’re trying to communicate with Qobuz. It’s not all the time (which is kind of strange), but I’d suggest maybe switching up the DNS being used on your router and we can see if there is any improvement here. If you’re still seeing the issue after that I can take another look at logs afterward and see if there are any other errors showing.

Hi @Dylan,

Things seem to have improved today, so possibly an issue with my router / DNS: / Adblock.

I’m using AdGuard, although not seeing any obvious blocked connections, or issues when browsing normally, but will keep an eye on it and see how I get on. I’d actually forgotten to disable AdGuard when I noticed the issue last week, but if it happens again I’ll turn that off first to double check.

Thanks again for looking into this


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I get this problem too. Did messing around with your DNS settings / AdGuard work in the end?