Very slow file copy of Audio files from a windows pc with a mapped drive to Roon

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Since i owned this device a few years now, with a mapped drive on the windows 10 workstation, a copy operation to transfer a fold with audio files (FLAC) to the Roon was 100Mps. then a few months ago the transfer speed dropped to 10Mps. As you can image it takes 5-6 minutes to copy a album over when it took seconds.

Interesting facts

  1. NOTHING has changed on the network. All other devices are working well with no issues
  2. I copy files to a Synology NAS when make the (FLAC) files and it does move the files at 100Mbs
  3. So the same windows workstation has two different results, with Roon, was 100Mbs, now 10Mbs, with my Synology NAS is always 100Mbs)
  4. I shut off all other devices (powered off) and just left the Roon, TP-link Router, and switches (2) active, and the result was the same
  5. I want to say this started about six months ago after one of the Roon updates but I don’t want to say its the product. its just an observation.
    Any ideas?

What device, can you specify?

The Roon Nucleus appliance

Well looks like I have a bad ethernet cable.
Case closed

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