Very slow performance, specially on loading "Overview" and "Discover

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

I have three core machines, all behaving the same and have the same issue.
1: A I5 server machine running ROCK (i5 3470, 8 GB ram, 128GB SSD OS, 1TB SSD storage
2: A macmini mid 2014 running OSX 10.14
3: A I7 desktop running Win10 Pro (I7 7770, 16 GB ram, 128GB SSD OS, 1TB SSD storage)
All machines have the latest updates now. Roon 1.7 build 571

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Asus Imesh system with a RT-AC88U and two RT-AC66U-B1 routers, all connected via cat cable. No other switches

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Not applicable

Description Of Issue

Since the latest update, Roon has become very slow. It skips tracks very often saying the file is corrupted. Pictures load slow, many times album covers don’t load on the now playing screen. I just timed the loading of “Discover” page, it takes 48 seconds to load, it used to be 2 seconds or so. Loading the “Overview” takes 18 seconds. Nothing has changed in my network. I have three machines I use as core from time to time. One is an all-in-one solution running Roon server and Roon on the same machine, so no networking involved. Other work networked, the behaviour is the same. My Windows PC wasn’t updated yet and performed quickly as usual, after the update this one also performed terribly slow.
All in all, it is still usable but it feels like running software on outdated hardware by now. The “discover” and “Overview” pages have become unusable by now

Having similar issues. Must be from the latest build since nothing has changed on my end.

Hope the team can sort it for you.

Hi @Nyquist,

Thanks for reaching out and for the report!
Is the behavior the same if you try to use a hotspot network?
Are all the Cores running the same database? How many tracks do you have?

I have similar behavior but way more hardware. 24 cores, 32G of ram, RAID 5 local disks and hardware based mirrored drives.

Here is what I notice:

  1. RoonServer seems to be multithreaded but almost never can use more than 2 cores
  2. Roon will not utilize all the servers hardware
  3. Roons memory size will eventually grow to a size nearing its database size but that does not matter when it comes to performance
  4. If idle for awhile and one presses the overview button it can take awhile. Monitoring the server all I see is 100 to 200% CPU usage, no disk IO to speak of.
  5. a pkill roon command cause it to restart and can speed up operations after the database is read into ram.

I have created a cron job to do restart roon every 3 days and since doing so, dont have the issues with performance, but there is still lag with discover and overview (10 secs) every once in awhile. My database size is about 3.5G. 40,000 tracks. I have not tested network but I have clients that are hardwired as well as wired and the behavior is the same. (1G network)

Development needs to work on the multi threading in order to take advantage of multiple cores more often. But I love this software overall and I am happy to help.

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Hi Noris, in answer to your questions.
Yes, the behaviour is the same on all machines, they all run the same Roon version and the same database.
I have 43302 tracks, 4212 albums, 2403 artists.

I haven’t tried a hotspot network yet, can try that today
After I had read there where some problems at Google, Last night I have changed the DNS server from Google to Open-DNS which seems to work. “Overview” loads in about 5-10 seconds now and “Discover” in 10-15 . Still a lot slower than it used to be but way better than 48 seconds.

Thanks for the feedback Here @Troy_Reece & @Nyquist.

We are of course always looking to optimize performance of Roon, so I will note your observations with the team.

Though, it does sound like switching the DNS caused a positive improvement in behavior, so if you are still using default DNS you might want to try a different one @Troy_Reece.

Please do, allthough it is better now, everything is still is very slow compared to what it used to be.
Like I said, I have three machines I can use as core, one of them is about twice as fast as the other two but Roon speed is exactly the same on all three machines (i5 with ROCK, i5 with MacOS, i7 with Win10)

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I am having the same problem. It’s not a hardware issue since everything worked well until the last update. Everything is loading much slower than before (tracks, images, albums,…). It does not always help to restart the Roon Server (which is annoying anyway)… Hope this problem will be fixed soon…

Hi @MRas,

What kind of Core are you using and what is the number of tracks in your library (under Roon -> Overview)?

Hi @nuwriy, @noris
Does it sound the same as my issue noted earlier. Please add me to help solve loading times.

Thanks again,

Hi, the number of tracks in my library is 138567.
My core is: Intel Nuc NUC5i3RYK Intel i3-5010u, 8GB RAM, 120 GB SSD,
it only contains the ROON OS

I also changed the DNS, did not work unfortunately…

Hello @support, just in case that you are thinking of not supporting @MRas since you believe he has no licence. We are sharing households and licences (2 on my account).

The problem he wrote about is very real and started with the latest update. We have the same library in both places. I am running Roon on a NUC with WIN 10 and have no speed issues, he is running Roon on ROCK - with huge issues since the update. Selecting Play means that it takes 20 seconds till the track actually plays. Roon is extremely sluggish and unusable at the moment. DNS made no difference. So there seems to be a difference between ROCK and Win10 as a system running Roon.
Please look into this problem,

130k is a bit much for an i3. I"d say it might begin to get slow after the library passes 100k.

However, it all depends on other things as well. How many endpoints? Is there any audio analysis going? Is this only local music being slow? What about Tidal/Qobuz? What about starting Radio Streams?

Taking so long to load, imho, points to potentially an issue with the music storage; where/how is the music stored relative to the NUC, ie. external USB , NAS, internal drive?

All of that info can help support.

Hi @Squeezemenicely, @MRas, and @Jason,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that our team is aware of some circumstances that can result in the Overview page not performing as well as we’d like. We have some plans that should resolve this performance issue here, but it’s a bit too early to be able to provide an accurate time frame for when this change will become available.

We appreciate your reports and we’ll be sure to keep you all updated as more information becomes available.



As I already pointed out, everything worked perfectly well until the last update (or updates), back then including background audio analysis. The library has not grown since then.
It is certainly NOT a hardware issue. Moreover, my library only consists of 5000 albums.
Now I have these issues with loading music WITHOUT any audio analysis running, no Qobuz/Tidal/Dropbox connection. My music is on an external USB hard drive directly connected to the ROCK. Trying to start a radio stream sometimes also takes up to 15 seconds.

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Hi @dylan, thank you very much!
I am afraid to say it is not (only) an overview page problem. Once I press play, sometimes a single track needs up to 20 seconds until it starts playing. This sometimes even happens within a single album when it is automatically supposed to start the next track.

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Also having the same issue, discover takes 10-15 sec to load every time. Overview better – around five sec.

Running ROCK on NUC 8i5 with 16g of RAM. Library stored on a NAS on network. Devices hardwired.

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The issue is stille there for me as well. Apart from that, I used to power down my PC every night. Starting up Windows into Roon and ready to play took about 7 seconds. With the latestnrelease it takes 45 sec to 1 minute for Roon to be ready to play. This behaviour is the same on four different machines. Roon used to be allways snappy and fast, it now is sluggisch and unresponsive. What happened? It really feels like all my hardware is suddenly outdated. Anything happened to the hardware requirements?

Experiencing this to. Since the latest ROCK it’s got worse often takes up to a minute for any section to load. I raised my own support ticket but had no response. From boot it a restart it’s just unusable for at least a minute, queues to endpoints also very slow to load from a restart. Used to be fairly quick.

Same here.
Overview > 10s
Discovery > 30s
And since a few weeks sometimes opening an album needs a lot of time (10-20s).
Nothing changed in my system.
Start playing (local and Tidal content) is fast. No dropouts or skips. Adding albums from local storage is super fast.