Very slow reaction on core, fast on remote

My system consits of four different zones.

  1. Meridian with ID40
  2. Meridian with 218
  3. Trinnov Amethyst
  4. PC with W10(64bit) and a Asus Xonar SE soundcard(opt.out)
    The core is 4) and the remote is a ipad A1474
    All zones wired with cables to one switch >> Fritzbox 7490 >>> Modem/Router (in cellar) >> cable to internet provider
    The ipad go wireless to the fritzbox.
    Before there was no soundcard installed and running the previous ROON sw.
    Now the soundcard is installed and ROON 1.6.
    Loading the album pictures or even any reaction when i operate on the PC is extrem slow(till some minutes !!!) before a reaction appear and thn only the selcted page get filled with pictures and even after hours the previous and next pages are empty…
    I often have to start ROON again to listen music.
    BUT !!! On the pad the reaction is about as before( a bit slower but still good ), only the reaction going from another application back to ROON the black screen take some seconds - but then its ok.
    That also happened before i installed the sw and the soundcard, but not sure about that-sorry.
    Why its working on the remote/ipad USUALLY and not on the core ?
    Thanks Robert fom austria

Let’s wait for an official response from the Support team, but my bet is that what you are seeing is a known issue: an interaction between some versions of the Intel Graphics driver for Windows 10 and the OpenGL library used by the Roon UI.

Thanks Geoff, i read the problems here what are discussed, but did not recognized that the problem is only on W10, not with other hardware/software.

Hi @RobertW,

Can you provide some additional details about the specifications of your Core machine?

If you install the 32bit version of Roon and see if there is any improvement here?

Hello Dylan,

thanks for your fast response- great support :-))
That my core system data:
W10 Home Edition Version 1089
Intel Core i5-3470 CPU
3,20 GHz
64 Bit version

I found the W32 version and installed it on my system, Made a quick test, its now very fast and smooth.Look like the problem is solved.
Three questions:
a)Do i have any disadvantages or issues now compared to the 64 bit version now or in the future ?
b) Do i have to change something-SW ?- now on my remote i-pad ?
c) Is my core HD good enough for the next time ?
Thanks from Robert, the happy customer :-))

Hi @RobertW,

Nope, the 32bit version should work just fine for you here. Others who have experienced similar issues with the Intel Graphics drivers have had great success using the 32bit version.

No, you shouldn’t need to make any changes in your iPad (or any other) remote device.

Your Core machine meets our recommended specs. One thing that you haven’t listed above though is whether or not Roon is installed on an SSD. We recommend the use of an SSD for optimal performance.

Thanks Dylan, iam satisfied.Very good support :-))

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