Very slow search type ahead on iPad app since 1.5 upgrade

I have been experimenting a major performance issue when doing search on my iPad since upgrading to 1.5.

When typing a search criteria (whatever the area, global search or even search against list of countries in the Focus window), I have to wait a 20-30s for each typed character to show up.

The scenario is:

  • Click on Search icon
  • start typing the name of an artist
    -> it takes 20-30 sec for the first typed character to be displayed, then another 20-30 sec for the second one,…

All apps (core and iPad app) are up to date to the latest build.

My data base contains around 25,000 songs in 2,300 albums.

The issue does not occur on my iPhone connected to the same Mac Mini Core, nor does it occur on the Mac Mini itself through the Mac App. It seems to be a specific iPad app problem.

My amp is a Devialet Pro 250 with Infinity Core, but I don’t think this is relevant.

Thank you.


I assume you have closed and restarted the app? It might be worth deleting the app and reinstalling it.

what are the specs of the MacMini core machine…Age, cpu, memory and disk type. While your other remotes seem to be ok its odd that only the iPad would be doing this…

while you are at it what model iPad is it too and are you using wifi for the core machine or LAN …

Thanks for the answers, much appreciated!

Yes, I did close and re-start the app, but yes, I could try re-installing it indeed which I haven’t done yet.

I don’t think that the machines play a role, but there you go:

  • This is a last gen Mac Mini with i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB native Apple SSD and the latest version of Mac OS.
  • Ipad is a 10.5 inch iPad Pro with 512GB storage and the latest version of iOS, it was working very fast until 1.5 upgrade.

Just wanted to be sure there we no hidden issues but they look to be fairly capable setups and should not be an issue

now what about the network setup?

Well, network is pretty standard and has never been a problem. Plus the issue is happening consistently only on the iPad even at times where there is no network traffic at all in the house.

Did you remove and reinstall the app?

Time to flag @support

Suprisingly the problem has gone… without me doing anything… very strange…

Anyways, thanks for the suggestions!

And as a side note Devialet OS Beta14 sounds truly amazingly good!!!

Good news, back to listening to the music.