Video Display of Roon Playlist using the Nucleus


I would like to view my Roon Nucleus play list on my TV.

My Nucleus, is connected directly to my Hegel Amp via USB.

In order to view my playlist on the TV, can I also connect the Nucleus via HDMI cable to the TV (for picture only) while having the sound still come from the Hegel Amp?

If not, how would you suggest I change my set up to allow for the sound to come from the Hegel amp and how would I get the playlist on the TV?


Hello Gary and welcome to the community.

I do use the HDMI connection from NUC to Receiver for multi-channel and hi-res playback but the HDMI from NUC/Nucleus to TV only displays the boot screen information.

Hopefully that will changes but that’s it for now.

I have used HDMI from my iPad with a USB C type adapter to TV to get on screen display.

I’m sure others will chime in with how to information.

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I have an input set up on my avr as a Roon hdmi zone. It will play my MCH files and/or 2.0 files. I also have a 2.0 zone with a Gungnir DAC to a separate integrated amp, I use a manual speaker switch to tell my Klipsch RF7s what to play. I use a Mac mini for my core. My 2.0 playlist is, and all other Roon features are, onscreen, controlled by a wireless mouse and keyboard. So the answer is Yes! You can have both. There may be other methods, but mine works great for me.

Hi @Gary_Judd,

Welcome to Roon Community, and thank you for posting your question!

The HDMI port on the Nucleus can be used for two functions:

  1. as a multichannel audio output
  2. to display diagnostic information like serial number, OS, etc. for support situations.

Unfortunately, you can’t use it as a Display Zone by connecting to an external TV.

What type of TV do you plan do use in your setup? If you have a smart TV, you can use the built-in browser to navigate to a Roon Display Zone using your Core IP address to see track/playback information. You can learn more and find instructions in this article.


Thank you Connor for the info. I have an older smart TV. I will give your suggestion a try. Fingers crossed the TV can handle this.

Much appreciated.

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Thank you Mike for the welcome and the info.

Much appreciated.


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