View album artist / see all versions


I’ve been trialing Roon for a week, after having used Audirvana 3.5 for a year.

  1. is there a way to show Album Artists in Roon’s Artist view?

  2. I’m accustomed to navigating Audirvana to a particular artist, then selecting the specific version of an album I have various PCM or DSD copies of. Roon works best I when you consolidate all theses versions together. Giving you the ability to specify a default version.

What’s the easiest method of viewing these distinct versions of an album, other than clicking the Versions button in the Album view? Is it possible to identify multi-version albums any other way?

  1. what guidance do other users have regarding keeping separate stereo/mono versions of albums available for easy access? My idea was to “extract” the mono version, renaming the title “Revolver (mono)”. That allows me easy access to both the standard stereo “ Revolver” and the “Revolver (mono)” variant.