"View all albums" gets it wrong if artist is a substring of another artist

The “view all albums” screen shows albums of other artists in addition to the selected artist. This happens when the words that make up the artist are a subset of another artist. As an example, when requesting the list of albums by the band “Earth and Fire”, Roon shows all albums by Earth and Fire and the albums by “Earth, Wind & Fire”.
I was assuming that artists would get some kind of identifier by Roon for search and selection purposes.
Happens on a Mac and on iOS.

Can anyone confirm?

Edit: this error does not happen in the album screen, where at the right “by this artist” albums are shown. That is a correct listing of albums

Where exactly are you clicking View All Albums?

I am sorry, I forgot to mention this happens after a search query, in my case after searching for “Earth and Fire”. Halfway the search result screen at the right side the found album list can be expanded by clicking “view all albums”.
I guess it is already populated with the Earth, Wind & Fire albums before expanding the list, but not visible because they appear later in the list

If you search for Earth and fire and in the search result are albums of Earth Wind and Fire everything is alright in my opinion. This behaviour I expect from a search function.

I don’t agree. If I enter Earth and Fire in the search box, Roon comes with only one suggestion: Earth and Fire. When I select the offered suggestion, I expect to get Earth and Fire only. That is not the case, it also returns E, W & F.
Roons behavior works as expected when I select Earth and Fire from browsing the list of artists. Then, E, W & F are not in the album list. So it looks like choosing an artist from browsing is different from choosing from a search query