"View File Info" in Edit not showing storage locations

Recently switched to a full Roon solution and cleaned up my library so everything in one folder. However, I seem to get duplicates of certain albums. To try and resolve these at source, I am looking to see where they are stored so that I can check I don’t inadvertently have a duplicate under a different name. However, one some files, there is a blank where the storage location should be. This is what I get

whereas the other copy I have shows the storage location

How do I find out whether there is a duplicate or Roon has its knickers in a twist?

Did you clean up your library? Not only the music-files but also the Roon library?

Hello @Chris_Townsend,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. Can you please post a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage Tab? This screen should look like this and I would make sure that you haven’t accidentally added a storage location twice here:

Where exactly are you seeing these duplicates? Are they in your playlist or in Artist/Track browser?

If they are references from old storage locations then you can try using the “Clean Up Library” function although I would be careful when running this command as any watched folder that you have disabled may be impacted by it. This thread and this one describe such cases.


Thanks Noris - I have tried the clean up function but not sure how long it takes to flush every out. My storage folder is very simple!

I see the duplicates in the main browser when scrolling in the albums. So far, I have just gone into Edit and hidden them but it isn’t satisfying my desires to try and get a “perfect” music folder.

Thank you - I have tried this but if it is supposed to work relatively quickly, it hasn’t cleared them away.

Hello @Chris_Townsend,

Thanks for confirming that Clean Up Library has not resolved the issue. I would proceed troubleshooting as follows:

  • Create a Backup of your database and save it somewhere safe

  • Click the 3-dot dropdown next to that watched folder and “remove” the folder

  • Restart Roon and add the folder back

  • Verify if you are still seeing duplicates

Please let me know your results from this test when possible.