View File Info - Long Path Names / File Names won't display properly

The “View File Info” window has issues with long path or file names, like:

Samples 1 and 2:

The “Open File Location” link is (almost) unrecognizable since it renders above the file title - obviously getting its display position from the start of the “Path to File” entry somehow (or in some other absolute value way) instead of being rendered relative to the end of the preceding entry.

Also, the longer the path and/or file names get, the worse things are (see sample 3 - file entry gets squeezed into the folder entry):

Even if the naming scheme used in this example may leave room for improvement the software should cater for the situation. There’s nothing (technically) illegal here.

The screenshots were taken on my Mac Core (Macbook Pro 13"); I’ve checked on my Android tablet, the issue with incomplete / overlapping folder / file information persists - but of course there’s no problem with “open file location” since that’s not supported there.

@support Maybe something to forward to the dev team for a (minor) bug fixing session? An idea for regression testing: maybe add some “maximum possible path length” examples to the the test data set?

Forgot: Roon 1.5 build 323

Hello @ndrscr,

Thank you for the report! I’m going to pass this information on to the QA team.