View full album in tidal

When I go to an artist and select an album, almost always I am shown just a few tracks from that album, sometimes even just one track. Below these selected tracks I see the message “view complete album in Tidal” with a thumbnail of the album cover.

I have asked friends who use roon to go to the same album, and they are just shown the full track list every time.

There are some occasions when I am shown the entire album, but I have no idea what is different.

Anyone else experiencing this? Maybe just a setting or perhaps the path I am taking to get to the albums?

Example if I search “Beck” I click “Discography” I select “Mutations” I am shown this:

Only showing certain tracks. If I play the album from here it will only go through these tracks, skipping the ones not shown. If I click the “view complete album” I am shown all and can then play the entire album.

Cannot even figure out why these tracks are selected. PLEASE NOTE I am NOT in the Popular tracks screen. I am going to discography and pulling up an album

View complete album usually indicates you have an filter on, or a preexisting artist filter. Instead of clicking the show complete album, click the filter icon and then the x.

This is because you have added some but not all of the tracks on an album to your library. Adding a playlist to your library can have this result.

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