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I alternated between Audirvana and Roon. But now I’ve discovered Internet radio, it works so well at Roon that I’m staying here!
Now my problem: In Qobuz I have created a lot of playlists with classical music, sorted by composer. I can choose between album and tracks in the playlist view. Not so in Roon. If there are several albums in the playlist, I only see a very long list of tracks. It is tedious to choose a certain album!
A selection of albums and tracks would be very helpful here.

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One more addition: There is a big difference between party playlists and classical music playlists. At the party, the albums do not matter, but they are decisive in the classical music. You very rarely play different tracks in a row.

Roon’s playlists are implemented as a bunch of tracks to be played in order of appearance. Sounds like you want an easy way to see a bunch of related albums so you can select one ore more of these to play. Roon offers Tags for that. If you select a tag in the album browser of Roon you get what you asked for and you can even use the Focus tool to further dive in to your selected albums all this besides the offered sort options. You can use the tag the same way also in other browsers like for example the Composition or Composer browser depending on what you are looking for. You can tag all the top-level objects (Albums, Tracks, Genres, Artists, Composers, Compositions) in Roon and you are not limited to one tag per object.

I would rather like to see the flexible way of tagging objects that Roon has implemented in more competitor software than the limited approach of (ab)using playlists being implemented in Roon.

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Thank you for the quick answer. I use now tags and it works fine!