View logs on the iPad

Would be great if you could.

Enable SMB on your Roon or RoonServer folder and use FileBrowser ?

Yes, I know how it can be done…. :grinning:

It would just be nice if you could see them via the Roon remote itself. i.e. I have some files stuck on analysis, a little feedback within the app would be nice.

Ah, well in that case I don’t agree. Roon doesnt have to do everything and it would take resources away from audio related development.

Actually this makes sense if you don’t have Roon, and are running RoonServer “headlessly”. (It always makes me cringe to describe RoonServer as headless, because many would argue that anything running a GUI is not. It just happens to not have a monitor plugged in. But I digress… )

I - for one - can say that I’ve got a headless RoonServer, and NO Windows PC’s or Macs (other than the device running RoonServer). So anytime I am required to look at something on the RoonServer, it’s a PITA. Start up a virtual device environment, initiate a Windows image, then use RDP remote-GUI software to get a look into RoonServer. So yeah, I could see where an alternate way to view RoonServer logs would be a convenience.

High priortity, No. I agree with Andybob on that. But it WOULD be a nice thing to have for those of us with headless RoonServers.

Having stated all that, it would be even better if we never needed to see those logs. Maybe that’s a better solution. Or maybe RoonServer running in an environment where people could telnet in. You can do that from remote Roon devices.

RoonServer doesn’t have to run under a gui, it’s just that people choose to retain one for convenience. It will run in Windows Server 2012R2 Core mode, but I haven’t been able to do that with AO optimisation, so I use Minimal Server mode.

You don’t have to use RDP to look at RoonServer logs on an iPad, you could use FileBrowser as outlined above, or even set up a periodic copy to a USB stick hanging off the server and read that on another computer or device.

Brian has said he hopes to get out RoonServer for Linux in the short term, so telnet will be available for that.

My car has a lot of data in its computer, but I don’t need a HUD to read it while I’m driving. I can read it quite easily with the proper tool when I need to.

Andybob I’m not seeing that. Where is that outlined? That sounds like a good solution, if it works on an iPad.

As far as “retaining a GUI for convenience”, you’re making an assumption. For my part I can say without question I do not want a GUI - for convenience or otherwise. It’s just a non-removable component of the less expensive OS’s that RoonServer runs under.

My first post above.

Excuse me! Did not see that!

Will have to look into that. May be just the solution… thanks!

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Perfectly fair point.

But I’m not asking it to do everything :relaxed: Just to aid the user in debugging the software on things like analysing, where Roon seems to be a it sticky.

From my POV its a tremendously small amount of code to echo the logs (or at least errors) somewhere in a the settings box, to save the user having to VNC into their server. And it’s only a suggestion.

As for ‘audio related development’, isn’t that what Roon is? What’s not ‘audio related’ about Roon’s failing to analyse certain files and getting itself stuck?

Now that’s just silly - each user needing to do that adds up to a huge volume of work compared to a developer of the application doing something far simpler within the app itself.

Sorry, but that’s just silly too.