“View More” not visible in Focus under Performers

I noticed View More is not visible in Focus (Album page) under Performers (using iPad 7gen as remote)

Oddly, if I randomly select a few performers in the limited list, View More sometimes becomes visible

Is this a bug?

I just noticed in my screenshots Composers seems to be affected as well.

Funny, I just posted the same thing 15 minutes ago.

I see Roon responded quickly to your post, but no response to mine posted days ago. You must have better connections than I. :grin:

Oh well, at least we now know it’s a bug that will be fixed.

I wish. :wink:

Looks like 763 fixed this. :grinning::+1:

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Hey @Saturn94,

I wanted to take a moment and apologize for never getting a chance to reply to your post. This is most certainly not our intention.

Since the release of Roon 1.8, we’ve been working as hard as possible to reply to every request we’ve received, but we still haven’t caught up yet. The numbers are unprecedented.

I’m really glad the issue is resolved and thanks for hanging in there :pray:

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