View My Favourites ❤

The favourites are only used to improve the Radio functionality as far as I can tell. It would be nice to be able to view all my favourites. I’d suggest two scrollable sections: one for tracks and one for albums that have been favourited, along with sorting by the date favourited, genre etc

Hi Pete,

Not sure if you missed this but on those screen it is already possible to filter by favorites:

Album Browser:

Track Browser:

And then normal sortation and of course focus can still be applied.

Sorting by date favorited, that’s an interesting feature request, I don’t know if they are time-stamped or not … one for @support, @Brian to consider.

I do know that Roon v1.3 will bring some enhancements to the tracks screen.

Just to add this isn’t possible on the phone version right now (wish it was - at least in album view)

Ah okay, thanks, I hadn’t noticed this. Favourites might warrant their own top level menu link though - I don’t think it’s obvious or easy enough otherwise

And yes, I think sorting by “date favourited” would be nice because it is handy to know what music I’ve recently liked. Yes, you’d need to save the timestamp but no history/audit, just a single timestamp.

Was obvious enough for me :slight_smile: :wink: