View my locally stored CDs

When I use the filter to view my locally stored CDs, I don’t see them all… specifically in cases in which I also have a Tidal version of the same CD in my library and the Tidal version is the ‘primary version’ I don’t see the CD version listed.

Is this a bug or a feature? Am I using the filter wrong or making the wrong assumption about what ‘primary’ version means?

This is a feature. Note: You can’t search/filter/focus on hidden content.

What I mean is when I filter by storage location, some of my albums that are indeed stored locally as CDs don’t show up … because they are not designated as “primary”.

Is the simple answer that for albums to show up using this filter, they need to be “primary”?

Sorry if I’m being dense here …

This will work too, or just follow the linked FAQ:

Do whatever suites your needs best.

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