View my own albums only (without Tidal albums)


I am new to Roon and currently testing the service.

When browsing through albums, genres or artists I would like to only see what is in my own collection (music stored on my NAS) without the ones from my Tidal account.

Is this possible ? Currently I didn’t find any settings to do that.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

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Go to “albums” then “focus”. Now look for “format” and select “tidal”
This will bring up all tidal albums. Now press the green tidal buton and the selection will reverse. You now have a view of only your own library.
You can save this view by creating a bookmark.


Album view
Focus (use far right arrow to see all tabs)
Toggle + to -

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Very nice. This is what I wanted to. Thank you!

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Another tip is that you can bookmark this (or any other filter you make) for instant access at a later date.

Many thanks for the tips ! This focus thing is really powerful !

Wow, thanks for this.

Roon is SO powerful.