View of artists and playlists in tag view in 1.6 [Ticket in]

I guess this is one for support;

I am using tags to organise artists and playlists for upcoming festivals I will attend.

In 1.5 I recall the pictures of artists were round and the text was displayed underneath. Now both are fitted in the same round tile. I am using the latest MacOS and the Roon window is not in full screen, perhaps 3/5th of the screen. If I resize Roon to be in full screen, then everything seems to fit nicely into the round tiles.

Please ignore the lack of artist images. I seem to have developed a taste for upcoming (or not) musicians.

Thanks for looking into this.

Indeed. Moving to #support.

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Thanks for the report, @Sander_van_Dijk, I can reproduce this. Unfortunately, this bug affects not only Artist and Playlist images. Will put a ticket in for our developers.
Apologies for troubles.


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Ha! I saw the grey squares and thought all your images had been wiped out - until I read to the end. :kissing:

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