View Realtime Lyrics ,on built-in browser of Rock?

Dear Roon Team,

I know that you want to keep ROCK as lightweight as possible. So, understand if your answer is ‘NO!’ :).
I think I have a use case however, that might change your mind. Please let me know your opinion.

Short-as-possible request : Would it be possible for you, to include a simple/lightweight web browser inside the ROCK OS ?

This browser can be completely locked down, if you wish so. So the end user cannot use it to browse the web, or to change any setting. An example could be, to use mKiosk.

The only thing that this browser should do, is display in full screen. Which is the Realtime Lyrics Display.

The reason I’m asking : I liked this display a lot, when I tested in on my Chromecast.
My ROCK NUC is however used both as a Core, and as an output (its HDMI is directly plugged into an A/V receiver).
And the chromecast uses another (different) HDMI imput on that receiver.
Since I cannot use 2 inputs simultaneously :grinning:, I cannot listen to audio while simulaneously viewing the Lyrics Display…

(Unless I am missing something very obvious. If so : please tell me.)

A simple web browser on top of ROCK would remove a lot of complexity for the end user, I believe.
And additionally, the end user is then not required to have or purchase additional non-roon devices (chromecast, PC with browser etc).

Please let me know what you think. Good idea, or ‘meh’ ?

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