View track format (depth and sample rate) in the track library

Everything is in the title.
When I look for a specific track, for example if I search " bohemian rhapsody", I have many versions available in “library tracks”. I can see the artist and the album but I would appreciate to have file format to play the best one. I know I can click on “view file info” but it necessitates 2 click and I am lazy, and there is plenty of space on my tablet screen, and when I clic, I sometimes could not say which one of the list was the 24/96 file I wanted to play… :grin:
If it is is not to complex to implement I would find it worth it, or if I missed something, please let me know.
Have fun


I noticed when I search for something where I have multiple versions it does display some format info on the album cover. Perhaps this isn’t what you’re referring to?

Thanks for answering,
I am refering the “library track”.
If you search for a specific song (not album), I would appreciate that for the different version of this song I see the format (to choose the most appropriate easily and quickly).

Ah, I see what you mean. :slight_smile: