Viewing Favorites on Android/iPhone

Maybe I’m missing something but how do I view Favorites on Roon Remote for Android or iPhone? I can favorite them but can’t see them as I can on pc or iPad via the heart icon at the top of the browser. But not visible on my phone.

You can’t on a phone, one of the glaring omissions.

It sure is. Hopefully it gets addressed at some point. Thx.

Hello Paul.
In the interim, you could select your Favorites on PC or iPad, bookmark that selection (e.g. As ‘Favorite Albums’ or ‘Favorite Artists’ etc.) You only have to do that once. From then on you can select the bookmarks you created on any remote, and they will dynamically and pretty much instantaneous update when you add or remove Favorites. (as long as you use the same profile on both devices - bookmarks are profile specific)


This is a great workaround and works perfectly for me :+1:

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Thanks a lot for this super helpful suggestion. Though why we need to apply such a workaround at all on a platform that sophisticated really puzzles me. A bit similar to Apple not able to provide its users with an alphabetical sort order for the photo albums - though that’s the order just about ANY other system or application uses by default.

I would wait a day and see what 1.8 brings in this area. Mobile interfaces are being improved with focus etc available.