Vinyl Collection Catalogue - adding to Roon?

“Roon looks at your music and finds photos, bios, reviews, lyrics, and concert dates, and makes connections between artists, composers, performers, conductors, and producers.

What you get is a searchable, surfable magazine about your music.”

The above is from the website - just below the music player comments.
I’m buying the magazine with my dues. Maybe you’re buying the music player. I’ll use the music player when it’s convenient. But I’m hardly asking for Roon to be what it is not. I’m asking for something to be on the list as an extension of what it IS.

I recognize that Roon, like any product, must make decisions about where to spend scarce resources. And that each group of users may have their own priorities. We should all be respectful of any legitimate development request. I was the product manager for a global product in the past. And ran a help desk. Not as big as Roon, but respectable. The point of my comments has been to point out that the Roon magazine about my music could be improved if there was a way to inform it not only of my digital files, but of my music that is presently inaccessible to Roon.


I would value the Discogs look up to ID my digital files starting with CDs and if that helps with digitized analog sources like vinyl records and tape that would be even better. I have many needle drops and some digitized tape.

I am happy using Collectorz software to inventory my physical items (records, CDs and tapes) and like that software to be tuned for inventory and notes.

Maybe someday the two could be merged in a way that allows toggling off all the virtual items but I wouldn’t want to compromise either product to accommodate both. I want each to be strong at it’s role (playing vs. cataloging).

The key here is that the Roon folks are talking about your digital music. But hey, you know that. Again, Roon is not cataloging software even though you want it to be.


I have a small vinyl collection thst will be larger in the future. I have the unit to rip the vinyl to digital files, and i will do thar, i think i have around 50/60 vinyls ripped right now:)

Thats the way i do it:)

I had thoughts along the same lines, perhaps utilising the Discogs API, sox and metaflac. But this functionality, just like CD ripping and conversion, should stay outside Roon.

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My vinyl library is much smaller - around 400, but I like to use Roon to browse it so I infill my titles from Tidal and tag it “Vinyl”.

It’s not perfect because for a large library you’d want some kind of batch import and it won’t handle any rare stuff but it works in my limited use case.

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It is your responsibility to add music to Roon, either a digitised collection or TIDAL. What you’re suggesting is left-field.

I think the dialogue’s been thoughtful and courteous; disagreement isn’t disrespectful. Indeed a number of posts suggest ways of achieving your goal.

I, like many other users, don’t want to see Roon become a Swiss Army Knife that’s indistinguishable from other music players.

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There was a parallel discussion to this in the Roon forum last year:

While it might be a nice to have feature, I personally would rather that the Roon team address other priorities in Roon first. Nonetheless, it’s a feature request, and as such, it will have been noted by the Roonies.


It might be expensive and/or a pain in the ass, but why not add the digital versions of the vinyl collection to your digital collection and just use tags (as was recommended above)? I suspect that you already have most of your vinyl collection in your digital collection. For the rare ones that are unavailable in digital, a needle drop is not much to ask of you, at least compared to asking for Roon-Discogs integration.

Maybe if Roon integrated with Discogs for some other, more widely-relevant reason (meta-data, e.g.), then it could be a simple matter to add your Discogs account and automatically import that “vinyl” tag, but as a standalone reason, adding our vinyl collections to Roon seems to be of very low priority to the vast majority of Roon users. In other words, it is way too unlikely, so you should really consider the likelier options: needle drops with tags, downloads with tags.

Then again, 5000 albums is a butt-ton of music, probably too much work to tag, let alone download, very much let alone needle drop.

As the Dead Kennedys once quipped: “give me convenience, or give me death!”

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I suspect there’ll be a ton of rare stuff that’s not on Tidal with a library that large.

I’m sure you’re right. However, if it’s that rare, will Roon be able to provide the benefits it brings? In other words, won’t that rare stuff just sit there with no cover or write-up, until the user takes the time to fill it in? I don’t use Tidal, so I can only speculate.

Probably not enough days left to listen to 5,000 albums for some of us. :older_man:


I’d like to review this topic.

I’ve been using the way of adding my LPs as Tidal favorites within Roon. This is not perfect, but will cover maybe 75% of my vinyl. What would be nice would be to have a small Vinyl tick box that one could manually set to show that the LP exists in my collection. Perhaps would appear under versions or an additional LP mention under the album. That would be of some help.

Concerning some of the comments made earlier regarding the way Roon picks up the metadata by identifying the digital file, this is not quite correct. I’ve entered home made tracks (digital) into Roon and entered the metadata manually. Roon only picked up the length of the file and its location - I filled up the rest. Admittedly, the length of the file and location are crucial as they presumably anchor the entry.

I would love to be able to enter my vinyls (the ones not available on Tidal) this way, but my guess is that it will be too hard.

I’ve done the same. Added all albums I can find from tidal to my library and the created a tag: vinyl. This way I can browse all my vinyls in Roon. Works for me.

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Don’t know if this works for you but I’ve created a tag named “vinyl collection” and added as many of my albums as I can find on streaming with that tag. Then you can use focus to see all your vinyl (at least those that are on streaming).

Works for me anyway.

(sorry just saw the dupe responses, but its a consensus I guess)

And you can bookmark the view too for quick access.

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Absolutely :slight_smile:

Now if only Roon had a random album function…

I’ve been using Collectorz Music Collector for decades (long before Roon). It catalogs all my CDs and Vinyl. I just recently added all the streamed Qobuz albums. Because I can add or edit fields like any good database, it’s easy to identify the Qobuz albums and separate them from my physical library. So Music Collector tracks my CD’s, Vinyl records, downloaded albums (mostly from HDTracks), and Qobuz streams. Works great. Roon doesn’t need to do that.

Would be nice to get a little LP on the cover in the browser (as per CD or tidal logo etc…)

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