Vinyl streaming?

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Has anyone tried this, I asked Jussi, it should work (the email conversation below on vinyl streaming w/ Korg DAC-10R / HQPlayer / Roon is edited for brevity)?

rthorntn: “Can I buy HQPlayer and use it to stream vinyl from a turntable w/ADC to endpoints, preferably using DSD and continue to use Roon for my library?”

jussi: "RME ADI-2 Pro is the recommended DSD capable ADC for such purposes. Works up to DSD256 on all three supported platforms. Generally all three platforms share same functionality. Audio driver interfaces are different on different OS. If the Korg DAC-10R supports DSD on Linux either through native of through DoP, it should work.

First make normal output from standalone HQPlayer work to a NAA. Then you can configure Roon to use HQPlayer as a playback engine.

Then you can try to configure the Korg as input device to HQPlayer. Then you can select wanted input format from the drop-list on HQPlayer main window and hit enter, this loads it on the playlist (appears below) and then you can press Play to start capture/processing/playback."



Have you actually done this. I looked at the Korg but I got the impression that Linux had no official support and it seemed that Widows drivers were tied into the playback software.

I haven’t tried it. says it works for playback, no drivers required for Linux.

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OK, that is as a Roon tested DAC. Not it’s ADC functionality. It is the ADC you need to get HQPlayer and Roon to recognise as an input. I know that doesn’t work with Roon, but I’ll admit that if it were proven that HQPlayer does indeed see it as an input, I’d consider buying it. At the moment I have the digital output from my phono stage into the coaxial input of my DAC completely bypassing Roon so I do have a solution into an otherwise all digital system.

Do you have the PS Audio Nuwave?

Yes. Works very well.

It’s on my wanted list but it’s a tad over my budget.

Just picked up a used PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter for $600…slight scratch on side.
PS Audio is shipping me a thumb drive with the latest fw55. This one is fw 44.
It won’t update using a “mac” download from their website.
The NPC appears to take the new fw, but stays on original fw.
They think mac is adding hidden files when I format thumb drive, so NPC doesn’t properly update.

Hi All,

An update… I installed HQPlayer 4 Embedded on my UP2 (up squared).

From the shell I can do:

arecord -D hw:1 -vv -f S32_LE -c 2 -r 192000 test.wav

arecord -l only shows [card 1 device 0] the Korg.

arecord won’t let me choose a DSD format.

I can play test.wav on my Mac with VLC.

Jussi responded that I need to configure suitable lines in /etc/hqplayer/hqplayerd.xml and that PCM input will likely work fine if arecord works.

I’d be pretty happy inputting PCM from the Korg to HQPe (and ripping vinyl to DSD using AudioGate).

I’m wondering how the Korg phono preamp will work, from what I have read it is switched in software (fingers crossed it can either be switched with ALSA or I can set it on another OS and it remember the setting)?

I don’t think the Korg does RIAA (maybe I can do the equalization on HQPe or Roon)?



The Korg can act as a stand-alone phono pre, so it does RIAA.

Thanks @Henry_McLeod , can you please provide a link to that, Google isn’t giving me anything on a standalone mode, or hardware RIAA. I’m not sure how the phono preamp on/off would work if it was standalone?

I have just had a look and it seems that you are right. RIAA is part of the software package so the PC needs to be on, but if you are using this to input into HQPlayer it would be on anyway. Apologies.
And it has actually reminded me why I gave it a miss, that apparent dependence on a PC.

If you are interested in vinyl streaming and/or copying options I recommend you check out the Convert Technologies UK DAT-Air device that accomplishes a wire-less-computer-less solution. A short video is available on the web site.