Violectric - user experience requested

Any Roon users that have hands- and ears-on experience with Violectric headphone/pre-amplifiers.
Feedback would be appreciated.

Yes, I currently own the v590. It is their DAC and amp combo. I absolutely love it! Their new amps are not as warm sounding as their old amps but they are a touch warmer than neutral which gives them a great sound. They are also build very well


I just picked up an open box (mint) Violectric HPA V280 - balanced headphone amp.I was using the Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifier.
The Violectric HPA V280 is great…I never get fatigued listening.
Mainly classical and jazz.
I run it in both balanced and single ended mode.

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I do have a 280 since very long and it was a very good match for the HD800S, still using it occasionally. Currently running a Susvara on their Niimbus US4+, unbelievably transparent and smooth.

Fried Reim is quite some time in the market, highly recommended.

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I have the 280 amp - it has a muscular and earthy sound which in my opinion matches very well with the lithe and detailed HD800S Sennheisers.

Recently got the optional DAC module which I find pretty decent as well.

I too am curious about their new products (mentioned by the two above posts) and will explore the possibility to upgrade

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It did not take a long time to appreciate the performance of the ViolectricV550 PRO.
A touch on the warm side(which I do love), with a very solid bass foundation.
Very detailed but relaxed at the sametime.

Not leaving the house, as I received a brand new to test.
Final order has been placed.