Virtualization of Roon Core

I have an audio PC setup with Server 2012R2 with AO on it. I want to keep it ‘barebones’. My question is whether installing Roon core on a headless virtual machine running Windows Server 2012R2 will cause sound quality problems, note this is not a cloud server but a local server (Linux CentOS running KVM, 16-core, 64GB Ram and 12 TB HD storage, dual gigabit NICS). I could easily allocate 8 cores and 16GB of ram to the Roon Server. I have not purchased Roon yet so essentially this is a ‘pre-sales’ question. I see that since the update to 1.2 I can run RoonBridge on the Audio PC. Hope this makes sense.

For us, Virtualization is implicated in two classes of problems:

  • OpenGL/Graphical issues, only applicable if you’re running control points there
  • Playback issues when talking to USB Audio devices–sometimes virtualized environments can’t meet the timing demands of the devices.

So running a headless server with no local audio output in a VM on the CentOS box is probably going to work out OK.

I can’t see why running your Core on a VM would impact sound quality on a second box so long as everything is performing at a decent level.

That said, it seems simpler/lighter-weight to just run RoonServer directly on the CentOS box using our Linux packages. Any reason why that isn’t your first choice here?

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Brian, thanks for the reply. Yes there is a reason, a VM host (IMO) should do one thing only, host guests. When you start running other apps on the host than those apps can ‘fight’ with the VM guests for priority. I am not sure that it is simpler (probably if you are not used to using VM’s). Plus backups are much easier with VM guests, make a snapshot of the volume and DD. When you say that it will work out ‘OK’, does that mean that there may be SQ problems? if that is the case I will just purchase another PC as a headless core server. Also I assumed that it would be better run Server 2012 R2 as Roon is written in .NET, but if you think that Linux would have a smaller ‘footprint’ I can certainly spin a VM with Linux for that purpose (actually would rather do that ;-). Again thanks for your reply I can see that you are extremely busy right now.

I was running roon core on a VMware session for a few months with no problems. Just the server running though, I used a laptop and iPad for control.

I just installed Roon Core on Ubuntu running in Hyper-v on a Windows server 2012R2 without problems. As I’m not a genuine Linux hacker I installed the desktop version and installed using the the Linux instructions. Works perfect so far. :slight_smile:

By OK I mean OK. No expected sound quality issues from running core on a VM.

Thanks Brian, you will have a new customer :slight_smile:

I’ll return to the question of virtualization. I have Windows 2016 server, DAC is not directly connected to this server, control from a tablet or other personal computer. What will be better for sound quality, install the roon core directly on the Windows 2016 server or in Hyper-V machine with Linux on this server?