Visibility of custom field from my files

I defined a custom field in my file metadata named “Listening Status” when I started my ripping project about 2 years ago. I entered the word “New” there to identify an album I’ve never played (never, as in, not even before ripping). Otherwise the field either contains the dates last played since ripping (newest to oldest, comma-separated; mostly just a single date) or is blank. Blank implies I had played it some time in the past before I started this ripping project, but haven’t played it since it was ripped.

Is there any way to see that field in Roon? Or any way to search on that field?

I’ve seen the display of playing history in Roon. That’s great, but doesn’t help me find albums I haven’t ever played or haven’t played in a long while. I have 3995 albums (and counting, heading toward about 5500).

The short answer is ‘no’. Roon does not provide a means for customizing screens.

As a workaround, perhaps the Track Focus feature might be a close substitute:


Roon tracks its own play counts but that’s as close as you can get for now. Roon does not at present do anything with custom file-embedded tags, unfortunately. I’ve been asking for quite some time (2 yrs…) for recognition of that info, but there hasn’t been progress on this, yet. I think they are considering it or how to do it.

You can add new tags within Roon, but those can’t have a variable value - in other words, with custom file embedded tags have a field and then a value, whereas Roon tags attach a tag to an object without setting a value. So you could not use those to set a date unless you create a tag for each date (which presumably would end up pretty messy!).