Vision Divine - Best Of


Vision Divine - Best Of lacks of cover artwork.


Hi @RiseFall123. We do have cover art for this album, but TIDAL’s been having some issues serving it up. Please can you confirm that this missing artwork is for a TIDAL album? Thanks.


is for a Tidal album:

I can see perfectly the artwork in Tidal but not in Roon. And it’s the only one artwork that I don’t see in Roon from Tidal.

Hi @RiseFall123. Is this fixed? If not, I think you’ll have to update the album artwork manually.

The URL for the artwork on that album is:


something weird happened.

I just remove that album from Tidal, then I ran Roon and add that album again.

At the first seconds the artwork was perfect (the same as Tidal) but after some seconds, that artwork changed into something strang (a man who sings that has nothing to do with Vision Divine).

Could you check once again please? Thank you…

Metadata all okay in the Cloud.

You got Bono… I’m going to move this one to @support.