Visit to Museum of Modern Music or Christian Church?

There seems to be a lot of irritation and also positive feedbacks with new major software update and still one week after release technical problems are present.
My points to the Roon developer team are as follows:

  1. I really appreciate efforts to bring Roon to next level. What I really like is the passion to evolve the system to a better one. I think especially with lifetime payments option for members quite usual this a very positive spirit by Roon. Thank you for that.

  2. Roon to me still is the place that substitutes my longtime missing experience in specialised music stores as a young guy. It was a great time walking around in the store, picking up some new music CDs or LPs and go to the desk and listen to it before I buy it (or not). It was a special place and pleasure to shop like this. Over time all these stores vanished or changed and I missed them for decades. Roon gives me back this feeling somehow and thank you for that! As long as this dive into bath of old and new music remains, I love Roon. I understand Roon is trying to make this music experience better in quality and bandwith of new music proposals. Go on!

  3. Look and feel.
    3a) Statements of Roon managers say it feels like being in a museum with the new release. But I am wondering, if I ever listened music in a museum? So why should the look and feel of the new release be like that? I listened music in a disco, bar, club, concert halls, on the street or in the lovely music stores I described above. Never in the museum!

3b) Basically black or white look is more than common in internet and apps. An Apple look basically. It is ok and fine to me, except the additional colors new in the release. Looking at the purple/blue color I rather feel sitting in a Christian church than in a museum. To me the color scheme is a bit disturbing. Music is not religion. It should be free of such feelings and free in spirit. To me the new release reminds me of the liturgical color schemes of various christian churches.
Unfortunately this makes me feel a bit uncomfortable with the new „look and feel“.
Maybe with new releases there will be some choice to users on the colors in use? That would help me a lot!

  1. I am sure the development team is working hard on the bugs. I am suffering from the IOS issue with settings crashing the system as well and my IPAD is my major device to dive into music with Roon. So happy for any bug fixing as soon as possible.

Over all. Thank you for all efforts by the team of Roon. Go on and never look back. You are working on the future of music listening experience and not on the status quo!