Visual design on iPad: better readability wanted!

To me, the visual appearence looks like beeing designed by rather young people with very good eyesight…

My 60 years old eyes would very much appriciate better readability:

  • a bigger text size (might be selectabel in setup)
  • a lighter gray on black and a darker gray on white or, even better, different
    colours with better contrast
  • Lyrics text size would need something like “very, very big text size” for me
  • Lyrics text size should remember the last size setting when reopened

A free scaleabilty by drawing your fingers apart on the iPad would probably be most helpful…

All in all, please remember that your great software is used by all ages and people with bad eyesight should be taken into account, too!

(Please pardon my English)


I’m sorry to hear your eye sight is that bad even with glasses. Is there no prescription that will fix the problem?

Well, if it’s only my problem…

(Stubborn mode on):
My eyesight is worse than some people’s and better than other’s.
I do believe a better readability might be apreciated by a bunch of people and some of my suggestions might not be so difficult to apply!.


@all at Roon: A good accessibility also offers good usability for the rest of the world without any disabilities. There are several standards available …
there are also some areas where the UX (user experience) of Roon can be improved, e.g. list fo tracks: Some functions are accessible via drop down, others only after focusing on an element, some via a slider, e.g. it took my several months to detect how to change the order of tracks in a playlist

@Karl_Ludwig_Bonitz: Have you tried an iPAD Pro (with 12,9 inch display)?

I will consider the Pro when time is up for my now rather new iPad.

My and other people´s use of the (very good!) Roon software might easyly be improoved by common sense and following simple knowlede about ergonomic basics (you simply DO NOT write medium gray on black and expect good readability!) rather than making it look fashionably cool (which might still be argued from an aesthetic point of view).

And no, I do not find it very helpful to tell me to get better glasses or a larger display when I´m (very politely, for starts) critisizing the lack of concern for good ergonomics in a software.

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hallo @Karl_Ludwig_Bonitz,

sorry, I completely agree with your recommendations with regard to improving the GUI; I am myself 53 years old and will get a surgery of my eyes within the next two months; I really didn’t want to annoy or embarrass you!

have switched myself from 9,7 inch to 12,9 inch some weeks ago and never looked back

best regards

On top of this, I’d like a smaller text / more albums on search. If there was a scalability feature you’d be able to customise this so that text can be minuscule to normal to huge. It could take the defaults from the dynamic text within iOS settings

+1 for the ability to control text size. I have Roon in theatre mode output to a TV via HDMI. The TV is 1080p and so the text is very small and hard to read across the room.

I would have thought changing text would be a must anyway for accessibility reasons.

I have to agree with this. I like small tablets so this would be appreciated. However, the UI is incredible and I predict outrage if the feature set is slimmed down. Well, maybe not.