VitOS cannot find DAC

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, AMD ryzen 3600

Networking Gear & Setup Details

PC → Ethernet → Resberry Pi 4 with VitOS

Connected Audio Devices

Resberry Pi 4 with VitOS → USB interface/DACs (Hydra-Z/SU-6)

Description of Issue

I’ve been using this setup for a few months with no issue. After a few weeks after upgrading to 1.8, the output through my Raspberry Pi disappeared. I am able to see Raspberry Pi roon bridge in the “About” section, and can SSH into PI. However I am unable to see the RAAT endpoints from “Audio”.
Seems like it’s unable to detect the DAC/interface. I swapped multiple DAC/interfaces and USB cables/ports and even reflashed VitOS on a different SD card, nothing works. VitOS doesn’t support “lsusb” command so I can’t see if USB DAC is recognized by the PI or not, is there any other way to check the connectivity of the DAC?

Thank you.

Have you accidentally switched to another USB port?

I seem to remember that not all Rasoberry Pi 4 ports enabled with VitOS.

Reboot pi and DAC and check cable is connected ok.

Thanks, I did try multiple cables and ports and DACs, same issue. The only things I haven’t swap out is the Pi and core. The core is fine as it can play on my phone and matrix mini-3; I’ll need to spend some money to swap out the Pi…

Hey @Matthew_Yih,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing the situation you ran into. Since this happened about two weeks ago, I was wondering if things have progressed at all? Is there anything we could help with now? Sorry about the delay… :pensive: