ViTOS on Allo Signature..Possible?

Hello all

Looking for this OS in the ALLO Sig Bridge…
Running RoopieeeXL now with no trouble, specially for HQPlayer NAA…Just want to try the OS…Possible?


I have not tried it, but it’s easy enough to test if you have a spare microSD card. That said, I’d be very surprised if the USBridge Sig will boot with VitOS since the O/S is running a Linux kernel with the package name: linux-raspberrypi4 and the Allo is a Raspberry Pi 3 compute module. In the unlikely event that it boots, the next issue will likely be a missing driver for the network interface in the Allo.


Was possible to boot VitOS on the Signature…
Thing i doesnt understand is…Ethernet was working…ROON Bridge was installed, Audio Zone was detected, and it was possible to play audio from ROON ROCK…BUT…NOT without hick’ups in the Audio stream every 2 seconds…Anywone nows what could be the problem?

I have heard that the CPU in the RPi3 CM is not powerful enough to run a real-time kernel and stream audio without falling behind.

Thanks for reporting your findings!


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