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Hi, I have just purchased a new integrated amp which has an inbuilt streamer/DAC (Vitus ri-101), however, I am unable to connect it to Roon.

What can I do here as finding mixed information online about this unit being used as a roon endpoint?


Hi James and welcome to the Roon community.
Is this just an integrated amplifier or a streaming ample?

If it has streaming, what protocols does it support?

If it is a streaming amplifier you will find options in Settings ->Audio in Roon which you will need to enable the protocols you wish to use (Roon, Airplay or Chromecast)

Hopefully get you going as a starter

Edit: just read a bit about this amp and it truly is a beautiful beast. No mention of Roon ready on their page I read though (though on my mobile phone so space is limited) I assume you got the streaming DAC option?

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You probably have the “uncertified” Roon Ready module, and a while back Roon put a stop to these being activated on new cores. To allow for those who’d already purchased in good faith, Roon allowed applications for developer priviliges allowing uncertified Roon Ready devices to be added to new cores. I have this and it allows me to set up a new core and still activate my RI-101 as a full RAAT endpoint, but I doubt if new applications for this account privilege are supported.

Vitus are going to be updating their streamer module as the current one is obsolete (no future firmware support), so who knows, maybe Roon certification will follow.

Ah maybe that’s why I couldn’t find any mention of that

Does it support Airplay or Chromecast?
At least then it would still work

Thanks guys…Thats not good! It does support airplay but its a lesser quality medium as i understand it…Thanks for the replies!

ACvitus, how do i go about seeing if i can apply for the account privilege? thanks!

I guess you have to contact Roon support.

if it had not been possible for me to demo Roon with my uncertified Roon-Ready Vitus streamer, I would never have subscribed to Roon. I found the mConnect/mControl app to be beyond awful, so figured I’d try Roon.

If you are looking for a good upnp alternative, Linn’s “Linn” app has really moved on in recent months. If you install bubbleupnp somewhere on your network you can expose your Vitus streamer as an Openhome renderer, and the Linn app will then work with it. It’s miles ahead of the mconnect app.

They won’t allow it now it’s been a number of years since they stopped uncertified devices from being able to work and manufactures had ample warnings to get their gear fixed. If It didn’t make the grade then it’s unsupported for good reason, they only made exceptions for those that had purchased and been using devices before the Cutoff date.

James Airplay is fine and will give CD quality streaming and I’m sure it will sound fantastic with that level of amplifier.

If this amplifier is still uncertified since the cutoff (September 2020 if I remember correctly) then it is unlikely to be certified.

If you want better than Airplay you can try a Raspberry Pi, a Zen Stream or one of the Lumin streamers all are good options, but sadly not what you were expecting.

Thanks all