Vivaldi Four Seasons

Not a big deal, and perhaps something for consideration… I have a few recordings of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and the system seems to ignore the Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter concerti. It treats the four seasons as a single work instead of splitting into Op. 8 no.1, no. 2 etc.

I know a bit of a special case and not a massive priority.

I know Malcolm. I have several copies and it drives me crazy, but for a variety of reasons, it’s not easily solved. We definitely want to solve it though!

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Thanks for the rely. One happy bunny here - I just bought my lifetime subscription today. Being the nerd I am, I’m finding Roon is encouraging me to pay closer attention to my collection. (And lots of listening, of course - rediscovering the hidden gems.)

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how many four seasons?
this is “il Cimento”, that comprehend the 4 concertos.

this is another one. but contains errors

then there are the 4 separate concertos (i put only N.1)

then there are these:

they are an adaptation. but roon recognize them as a classical concerto for orchestra and solo instrument.

quite a mess.
i take the chance to make a comment.
in my opinion, it is quite utopistic that roon will be able to solve ALL the problems in the metadata field. to be perfectly consistent is, i think, very difficult. besides, being totally consistent would mean also a system quite rigid: the choice made could be fine for some people, and bad for others…
i think that the users should be allowed to identify and CHOOSE their own compositions.
for example, i could with my vivaldi albums select for all the four seasons which composition to associate within the different choices in roon metadata.
in the present case, i cannot force one composition on the others. the only solution it to prefer file comp/part tags. but that would mean a lot of tagging work, and being perfectly consistent is quite a job…

here, i think i could also merge the various compositions…